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  • In this section we wanted to signpost to some educational resources that we thought were particularly helpful.
  • We’ve categorised these by the type/style of resource, as we recognise that people have different preferences for ways of learning.
  • If you have developed a resource, or were to stumble across a resource that you think would be helpful for others, then please do let us know about it -get in touch via the ‘contact’ tab

PREFER TO LISTEN?    Here’s three helpful podcast series with episodes that discuss PD

CoteCast: The Care of the Elderly Podcast

“How do we keep patients with PD safe in hospital?”

MDTea: The Hearing Aid Podcasts

Episode 4.02: Parkinson’s Disease

World Parkinson’s Congress Podcasts

15 episodes covering all domains of PD care

PREFER TO WATCH? Here’s some links to some helpful videos

MiniGEMs (Mini Geriatric e-Learning Modules) – these are short, focused video podcasts designed for rapid dissemination of knowledge on a specific topic area of geriatric medicine

  1. My Patient With PD Can’t Swallow Their Meds
  2. I think my patient might have Parkinson’s Disease

PREFER TO READ?      Here are three carefully chosen papers that might be of interest

How to use pen and paper tasks to aid tremor diagnosis in the clinic [open access]

J Alty et al. Practical Neurology. 2017;17:456-463

Management of Parkinson’s disease in the acute hospital environment. [open access]

MJ MacMahon & DG MacMahon. J R Coll Physicians Edinb 2012; 42:157–62

When the going gets tough: how to select patients with Parkinson’s disease for advanced therapies

PF Worth. Practical Neurology. 2013;13(3):140-52

PREFER TO BROWSE? Here’s three helpful websites to check out

The TeesNeuro educational website

A fantastic resource developed by Neil Archibald, Consultant Neurologist, which includes a super overview of PD along with some really helpful videos

The Parkinson’s UK Excellence Network

Provides a hub of information and learning resources for healthcare professionals

The Parkinson’s Academy

The Parkinson’s MasterClasses form an innovative educational programme established by the BGSMDS.  The Masterclasses aim to provide a structured training programme for senior members of the medical profession who seek formal training in both the clinical and managerial aspects of running a ‘Parkinson’s service’. You can hear more about it in the video below. As well as information about the Parkinson’s Masterclass courses, this site provides links to tools, care pathways and publications.